It is during my first 4 years of travels through Asia and Oceania that I discovered some of my hobbies and the amazing power of hand made craft. 

My love for organic agriculture and natural alternatives made me want to combine clothing and simple and natural fibers. As much as I can, I use natural and/or organic fibers in the clothes I make.


Why wear natural, organic fabrics like cotton, wool, hemp or linen?


Natural fibers allow the skin to breathe more easily than most synthetic fibers, and have a less harmful impact on the environment.

Natural fibers are made from renewable resources that can be re-grown, whereas synthetic fabrics are made from oil, which cannot be replaced once it has been used.


All the clothing on this site are the fruit of my creation and inspiration. I am offering this line of clothes made with plant fibers thanks to the help of a Fair trade Nepalese association. Another goal of this line is to help disadvantaged women and give them a job to make their life after the earthquake in Katmandu better. Moreover, the Nepalese association we work with helps disabled children to learn a trade and get in the job market and professional world.


How we are sustainable :

All the fabrics used are made of plant fibers.

My business cards and price tags (etiquette de prix mais pas collante) are made from recycled paper and organic ink.

All the fabric, while they are not in their natural color fiber, are hand dyed with eco-friendly dyes which respect the environment and take care of our planet.


I made the macramé pieces and the upper arm brass bracelet with my little fingers, and they are unique pieces. You can also order a custom made version by contacting me through the "contact" tab.

vêtements éthiques 🌿